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third Edition - Oct ober 2018 

The order of the names, it has nothing to do with the order of the selection.

Frames by Austin Madrid  (United States)

Waimaha by François Fleury  (France / Colombia)

CHRIST/EL by Andreas Gruetzner (Germany) 

Harp by staffan gnosspelius (United Kingdom) 

When The Storm Fades by Sean Devlin  (Canada / Philippines) 

Nature Voices by Marcus Brasil  (Brazil) 

Surmeh by Ali Vafaee  (Iran, Islamic Republic of) 

Probably in the very near Future by Sebastian Egert  (Germany)

The life unseen by J. Genaro Limon (Mexico)

OVUL by Danijela Radulovic  (Montenegro)

The burrow by Alessio Vasarin  (Italy)

Vanilla by Lucas Estrella (Dominican Republic)

Fuck You Jessica Blair by Karni Haneman (Israel)

The White Film by Yasha Vetkin (Israel)

Wojonowski and Sons by Caitlin Norton  (United States)

LEVEL 305 by Adriana Ferrarese  (Italy)

POSSESSION by Reihaneh Youzbashi Dizaji (Germany)

Ponte City by Georg Lewark  (South Africa)

In the dark by Victor Asliuk (Belarus)

The plumber by Méryl Fortunat-Rossi (Belgium)

The Greenberry Method by Baptiste Bertheuil (France)

Bad Vibes by Adam Gebert (Czech Republic)

AZAR by Georges d'Audignon  (France)

SARA by Eva Cruells Lopez  (Spain)

Fausto in the dark by Israel Ahumada (Mexico)

Leaving your skin by Israel Ahumada (Mexico)

Wolka by Radek Dąbrowski  (Poland)

Holy by Kevin Phan Lac (Belgium)

The Snag by DESALOS Isabelle (France)

Exile by Keegan Uhl (United States)

The Chunta by Genevieve Roudane (Mexico)

Watching by Yuanyuan Huang  (China)

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